Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

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If you want to see a blend of all places to see in Kerala, then Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is your destination. This Indian wildlife sanctuary is one of the protected areas of Kerala and features a nominated World Heritage Site. With 34 species of mammals, including panthers and spotted deer, this wildlife sanctuary is one of those Indian destinations that any wildlife or nature lover would like to explore. The rusty spotted cats and grizzled giant squirrels, which are known as vulnerable species are also found here. The Mugger Crocodile is quite famous around here. With 22 amphibian species and over 150 species of butterflies, Chinnar is certainly one of those places that will cause butterflies in your stomach.

The Chinnar montane rain forest gives it ethereal natural beauty, which is complemented by the Thoovanam Waterfalls, providing this forest with a stunning appearance. Tourists are allowed to enjoy natural walks at Chinnar and its Pamber River Banks, thereby giving them an opportunity to find a giant squirrel and watch birds.

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Here, adventure lovers can get a strong rush of adrenaline by enjoying natural activities such as trekking. The scenic beauty makes a perfect backdrop for camping. The lofty watch tower here provides an incredible panoramic view of the entire area.

Thoovanam Waterfalls are the perfect spot for those who wish to be enchanted by the natural surroundings of Kerala. The stunning waterfalls and the River Pamber are known for enthralling visitors from all over the world. Eco-tourism is practised in this wildlife sanctuary and therefore, travellers are expected to be friendly and saviours of nature. Treks here are mostly organised to the Dolmens, which is a megalithic burial site. Here one can learn more about the history of the country and enjoy sighting crocodiles or boars during the hike. The jungles and the majestic hills of the Western Ghats serve as the perfect backdrop for an adventurous, exploratory trip to Chinnar.

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